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About US

BossPocket Technology Private Limited provides a marketplace for freelancers to provide their professional services such as Digital Marketing, Website Development, Mobile app development, LOGO designing, IT Software, Sales and marketing, Legal services, Taxation, Company Registration etc. Boss pocket offers a variety of professional services, you just need to filter your search and go ahead.

Companies are moving from task-orientation towards project-orientation requiring more skilled experts for project work. For employees this means that long-term career paths are not as common as before and part-time work is becoming more prominent.

Customer relationship is a means of addressing increasing competition, changing economic conditions and promotional dependence using intimate customer knowledge gained through relationship development and past marketing programs. Customer relationship management is increasing in prominence because it focuses on current users who are the source of most of the business revenue and the best option for improving business in uncertain times.

And obviously for the customers who are basically in need to get their jobs done need experts on prominent basis.

The concept of customer lifetime value, the money value of a customer relationship over time, has evolved to enable savvy direct marketers the opportunity to differentiate the profit potential for each of the various market segments that they serve. Customer retention, as a strategy, is founded on the ability to segment and differentially target current users to improve the value of the relationship for both seller and buyer. Segmentation is the process of placing individuals or organizations who have similar needs into groups. To achieve success, we must focus the resources of a corporation specifically on the task at hand.

That is the main reason for the incorporation of BossPocket Technology Private Limited, we understand the customer needs, the requirements.

On demand service, No negotiations, No delays, Project based Prices etc these are the few things a customer wants to be perfect. So, Boss Pocket technology private limited provides a marketplace for freelancers to provide their professional services such as Digital Marketing, IT Software, Sales and marketing, Legal services etc. We are a start up with brilliant professional who are competent in dealing with any professional services given on the website.

It has revolutionised the way a customer could hire and interact with freelancers. For the first time, customers and freelancers who have never met in person or on the phone are working together to complete and deliver projects. Freelancers offer a wide variety of skill sets to choose from and can source work from anywhere across the globe sitting at home.

It’s time to start seeing those “to-do” tasks “done”.