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Private limited company is the most ordinary legal corporate entity in India. A company register is a register of organization in the jurisdiction they operate under Companies Act 2013, by Ministry Of Corporate Affairs. Private limited company have minimum 2 to 200 members, and directors from 2 to 50 members. Any person can be both either Director or shareholder. Shareholders with limited liability and its shares may not be offered to general public.It is a company which is privately managed by directors and shareholders. It is not entitled to sell its shares to public investors.

Types of Private Limited Company

1.Company Limited by Shares: The shareholder’s liability is capped at the amount paid up on shares.

2.Company Limited by guarantee: The shareholder’s liability is capped at the amount agreed to be committed by the shareholders to the company.

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Inclusive In Our Service


Two DSC (Class-2)

Name Search & Approval

ROC Registration Fees


Drafting of MOA & AOA

Company Identification Number (CIN)

MSME Certificate

Procedure for Incorporation of Private Limited Company

After the payment received from you, we will do the following procedure…

1.Apply for DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for all Directors.

2.Required to fill our simple company registration  form .

3.Thereafter We  need to file for Company  name approval. 

4.After the approval and verification , Next step is file for incorporation through the form of INC 32 .

5.After the incorporation , access your business and take necessary registration including GST registration . This is because working without tax license is illegal in India.

6.Sending you company Certificate Kit.


1.The most important advantage of private limited company is that  the shareholders have a limited liability.

2.All the Directors  have equal rights to participate regarding the management, decision making of a company. In case of any conflict, all of them can sit together and solve the problem.

3.There is no limit to the number of Director.

4.The company can issues debentures bond and can also accept deposits from public with the permission of RBI .funds can be raised from any ordinary person or any organization even through NRI’s, Foreigner organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many minimum members are required for Directors?

We need minimum 2 directors for Private Ltd company.

Which person can be liable for a member/directors in private limited company?

Any ordinary legal person/organizations including foreigners/NRI’s can become a member/directors of private limited company.

What is the time frame for formatting the private limited company?

The process of registration for private limited company required 7 days.

Can I provide two mobile numbers in the registration form?

It is advisable that only one mobile number of authorized representations of the entity is provided at the time of registration.

Is partnership firm eligible for benefits from private limited company?

Yes, a partnership firm is eligible for all to benefits excepts tax incentives.

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