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The Society Registration Act,1860 was introduced which allow the registration of entities generally involved

in the benefit of society like education,health,employment. It provides for the registration of literacy,

scientific and charitable societies. Society Registration is best business for small traders and merchants.

It’s main aim is to serve society and not to earn a profit.

Society formed by memorandum of association,with minimum seven or more members are present and these members are associated with any literacy,scientific or charitable purpose.These MoA has to be filled by Registrar of societies.

Why Society Registration is required?

A Society formed by formed by seven member or more member for following reason:

  1. For Promotion of Science.

  2. For Promotion of Literature.

  3. For Promotion of Fine Arts.

  4. For Foundation/Maintenance of Libraries or Reading Rooms.

  5. For Foundation/Maintenance of Public Museum or Galleries.

Procedure for Society Registration:

Society Registration are basically approved by State government through registrar of Societies of each state.

Hence,the rules and regulations slightly from one state to another.

Registration can be done by two parts:

  1. Memorandum of Association.

  2. Rules and Regulations of the Society.

Memorandum of Association:-

The MoA includes several clauses like name of society,address of registration office,object for the formation of society and detail of members who want membership.

Rules and Regulations:-

The Rules and Regulations have certain questions like-

  1. How is membership and subscription to be obtained to the society.

  2. What rules and regulations govern the society and its members.

  3. How are meeting to be organised.

  4. How will legal matters be settled and so on.

The rules and regulations,when formulated need to be signed by three office bearers of society (Chairman, President and Vice-President or secretary and the President,as applicable.)

Before applying for registration,need to ensure that the clause mentioned in both MoA and rules are discussed

and approved by the members.All the documents mentioned above are required to be submitted in duplicate,together

with the required registration fee.If the Registrar is satisfied with application for society Registration,the

Registration would certify to deem the society to be registered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to select the name of society?

Selecting the name of the proposed society and getting it approved by the Registrar of the concerned district is the first step. As per Society Registration Act,1860 similar and exiting registered society is not permitted.

Is Society be formed for profits?

Society are formed to serve society and not to earn profits.

What is minimum member are required to form society?

For Society Registration minimum seven member are required who are above 18 years of age can form a society or an association.

How to register a Society?

For certified copy of MoA 7 Rules for a registered society .Application must be contain the Name, Reg No, and this form signed by General secretary or President of society.

What is the purpose of society registration?

There are many purpose of society registration like-For promotion of Arts, Literature, educational, cultural, charity and religious, promotion of Scientific temper in the society, political education and training etc.

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Society Registration MOA Registration Process

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Society Registration MOA Registration Process

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